Domestic News
    Nanoplastic pollution poses threat to human respiratory system: research  
    Chinese customs sends back over 25 tonnes of waste  
    Nature-based solutions important in addressing climate change: Chinese climate official  
    Chinese FM urges joint int'l efforts to tackle climate change  
    Across China: Plastic-free campaign restores environment for plateau region  
    Xinjiang to improve environment of rivers, lakes  
    China sees improved ecological environment as natural forests rehabilitate  
    China sees improved ecological environment as natural forests rehabilitate  
    China's water environment improving: report  
    China Focus: China has over 1.2 mln "river chiefs" tackling water pollution  
    ADB sees pollution serious threat to Dhaka's Meghna River  
    China consults public on environment protection during offshore oil drilling  
    China holds 130 officials accountable in latest environment inspection  
    Across China: South China city fights kitchen waste with insect army  
    Space robotic arm inspires scientists for sorting garbage  
    Garbage sorting key to healthy environment: disease control center  
    Chinese-funded water project to help ease water shortage in Quetta, Pakistan  
    China encourages Africa to promote cooperation in water resource development  
    Guangzhou gives impetus to garbage sorting  
    China Focus: Scientists becoming backbone of China's war on air pollution  
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