Domestic News
    Chinese FM to attend meetings in France and Italy  
    China Focus: China's pollution control meets 2018 targets  
    China's coal hub Shanxi establishes no-coal zones to curb pollution  
    China launches six Yunhai-2 satellites for atmospheric environment research  
    Experts call for increased cross-Strait cooperation in environmental protection  
    Australian ultra runner raises awareness of water protection in Shanghai  
    New Beijing airport to promote use of renewable energy  
    Diversion project brings 19 bln cubic meters of water to 19 cities  
    Hainan sweeps up polluting sources around drinking water supplies  
    China makes headway in pushing water conservancy projects  
    Environmental protection measures reinforced in Beijing Winter Olympics venue construction  
    Chinese scientists call for control of global warming  
    China to launch tough battle against pollution in Bohai Sea area  
    China lays solid foundation for halting carbon emissions rise by 2030  
    Across China: Anti-pollution efforts revitalize Lijiang River  
    North China regions fight air pollution  
    Chinese premier underlines farmland water conservation  
    China Focus: Scientists warn of less water supply over melting glacier after 2060  
    China unveils plan for pollution treatment in rural areas  
    China unveils plan for Huaihe River green economic belt  
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