Domestic News
    China calls for int'l judicial cooperation in environmental protection  
    Baidu's self-driving bus begins mass production  
    Biomass liquefied to clean fuel  
    China unveils guideline to win battle against pollution  
    China to intensify research on clean energy  
    Qinghai starts 9-day all clean energy power supply  
    Tree planting projects improving environment in Tibet  
    Beijing to further restrict non-local vehicles to address congestion, pollution  
    China invents nano printing technology, with less pollution  
    Over 16,000 public interest litigations in environmental protection handled in China  
    Beijing builds wetland park with processed waste water  
    China to check environmental protection at drinking water sources  
    Xi vows tough battle against pollution to boost ecological advancement  
    Beijing's air, water quality improves in 2017: report  
    Chinese regulator urges 7 cities to fight solid waste pollution  
    China sends supervisors to inspect urban water pollution control  
    Diversion project delivers 5 bln cubic meters of water to Beijing  
    China develops battery to store renewable energy  
    China's top legislature to inspect enforcement of air pollution control law  
    China to focus air pollution battle on key areas  
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