Domestic News
    China to delegate approval powers for water conservancy projects  
    China strengthens judicial protection of marine environment  
    Beijing achieves air quality goal in 2017: official  
    China Focus: Beijingers, neighbors breathe cleaner air  
    China starts collecting environment tax  
    China reports increase in environmental pollution punishments  
    China directs more attention to cases on Yangtze River environmental resources  
    ADB approves 499 mln USD loan to improve Beijing air quality  
    Long-term, ambitious climate goals boost green finance: China's top climate envoy  
    Xinjiang nature reserve suspends mining to restore environment  
    Sino-U.S. energy cooperation forum opens  
    UN official hails Chinese efforts to reduce capital city's air pollution  
    First RMB-denominated climate bond issued by Chinese bank listed in Paris  
    China strengthens Lancang-Mekong cooperation in environmental protection  
    Chinese vice premier stresses environmental protection  
    China earmarks 7.5 billion dollars for environment protection  
    Chinese rivers, lakes see better water quality  
    North China city gets tougher on smog control  
    Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area to see heavy air pollution  
    Vice premier hopes to maximize benefit of water diversion project  
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