Domestic News
    Mongolia launches EU-funded projects to promote green development, environmental protection  
    Chinese scientists use domestic satellite to conduct light pollution research  
    China develops on-site water pollutant monitoring method  
    China-made degradable plastics promise end to ocean pollution  
    Ecological restoration in China's karst area increases global carbon sink: research  
    Chinese lawmakers weigh new law on soil pollution  
    Across China: Clearer water creates beauty and fun  
    China supports natural gas, ethanol to promote clean energy  
    Major China city to be coal-free to battle pollution  
    Chinese renewable energy giant backs Australia's first wind technology test lab  
    Climate change to impact desert ecosystems: Chinese researchers  
    Global warming accelerates desertification in northern China  
    Renewable energy power plant opens in Beijing's sub-center  
    Water diversion project replenishes 30 rivers in N. China  
    China to enhance water resource protection along Tarim River  
    Premier Li stresses sustainable development, prosperity in Tibet  
    Int'l experts gather in Lanzhou to prepare climate change report on oceans, cryosphere  
    China calls for int'l judicial cooperation in environmental protection  
    Baidu's self-driving bus begins mass production  
    Biomass liquefied to clean fuel  
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