International News
    Sweden steps up investment on climate, environment  
    Stanford researchers use machine learning to improve efficiency in environmental protection  
    Experimental water purifying plant opens in Australia  
    UN conference in Cairo aims at land, water protection  
    Clean-up efforts completed in Malaysia's Johor state after chemical pollution incident  
    Air pollution "largest environmental risk to public health in UK": report  
    UNEP calls for urgent action to tackle chemical pollution  
    UNEP plans to create big data platform on environment  
    Interview: China's Two Sessions enrich global environmental agenda: UNEP official  
    Australian PM announces funding for small-scale environment projects  
    World Bank approves 185 mln USD for Bangladesh renewable energy project  
    More cost-effective way to recycle glass: Aussie research  
    Iran to hold int'l exhibition on environment, renewables  
    India unveils ambitious plan to reduce air pollution  
    Iran to hold int'l exhibition on environment, renewables  
    New model shows transport's impacts on human health, environment  
    UN chief calls for more international efforts to fight climate change  
    Mongolia to spend 28.5 mln USD to tackle air pollution in Ulan Bator  
    Many German cities still exceed EU air pollution limit  
    Zambia calls for closer collaboration to tackle climate change  
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