International News
    Aussie state poised for plastic bag ban fine  
    Air pollution linked to higher risk of intellectual disability in kids: Aussie-led study  
    ADB approves loan to supports agriculture, environmental protection along China's Yangtze River  
    Macedonian govt to allocate 1.8 mln USD to tackle air pollution  
    Climate change to cause Aussie water management crisis: report  
    Interpol exposes over 500 marine pollution violations  
    New Zealand signs global declaration to cut plastic waste  
    U.S., Chinese researchers develop energy-efficient plastic-manufacturing material  
    Air pollution severely damages children's health worldwide: WHO  
    Authorities issue advisory as air pollution worsens in Indian capital  
    Engineers invent energy-saving cooling system for structures  
    Sustainable urban mobility key to combating climate change: UN commission  
    Climate change costs more lives, economic loss in past 20 years: UN report  
    Over one trillion liters of water lost through leaks in Britain every year: gov't report  
    New Zealand takes action to improve water quality  
    Hungarian experts present home-heating wall paint  
    Fewer biofuels, more green space may benifit environment: study  
    New catalyst may help turn water into fuel: study  
    Healing environment yields profit: study  
    London mayor promises more investment in tackling air pollution  
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