International News
    ASEAN ministers gather in Cambodia to discuss environmental cooperation, haze pollution  
    Greek city pioneers in alternative waste management, biogas fuels truck  
    Aussie billionaire launches global bid to reduce plastic pollution  
    Spotlight: UN summit delivers major step up in climate ambition, action  
    Aussies trial food scrap recycling to cut down on waste  
    Cambodia returns 14 out of 83 plastic waste-filled containers to countries of origin  
    Study links pollution to increase in bipolar disorder, depression  
    Single-use plastic water bottles officially banned at San Francisco International Airport  
    New Zealand gov't cautiously backs gene editing: environment minister  
    Feature: CPEC power plant provides clean electricity, green environment to Pakistan  
    German environment ministry to make disposable plastics producers pay for clean costs  
    Australia moves to ban waste exports  
    Spotlight: Cambodia takes tough measures to curb plastic waste imports  
    German Environment Agency calls for higher prices on CO2-intensive cars  
    Feature: Garbage sorting, a basic survival skill of Japanese  
    Scientists create low-cost flow batteries to store renewable energy  
    Extreme weather affects almost half of Australian coast: scientists  
    Tanzanian president orders environment watchdog to hasten issuance of permits to investors  
    EU environment ministers urge further impetus to promote circular economy  
    Kenya, Britain reaffirm commitment to protecting environment, fighting climate change  
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