International News
    Palestine to invest 100 mln USD in alternative energy sources: PM  
    Saudi Arabia to cut emission by using more renewable energy: minister  
    German energy firm RWE to receive 2 bln euros for coal phase-out: report  
    Fiji to grow 30 million trees in 15 years for environment protection  
    Existing climate policies to protect Australian environment from future bushfires: PM  
    Plastic ban becomes effective in Fiji to reduce waste in ocean  
    German household waste per capita down in 2018  
    Israel launches strategic national plan for sustainable urban transport  
    UN declares 2021 int'l year of creative economy for sustainable development  
    Officials call on int'l community not to give up on climate talks  
    Commentary: Climate change conference shows multilateralism prevails  
    Tackling climate risks to health requires prioritized funding: WHO  
    Ecologists call on Spanish gov't to adopt new climate law  
    New Zealand to step up work on tackling waste  
    Adaptation of transport infrastructure to climate change discussed in Athens  
    U.S. energy experts urge collaboration with China to meet climate goals  
    UN-backed fund earmarks 39 mln USD to tackle climate change impact in Nepal  
    Youth attitudes to climate change reviewed at Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit Conference 2019  
    Kuwait, UN sign environment cooperation agreement  
    European Greens call for enhanced climate measures  
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