Eco lodging


With 80 years of history and culture, the Jin Jiang Hotel Shanghai is one of the city's most prominent hotels. For a long time it has been dedicated to saving energy and environmental protection by providing guests with an eco-friendly stay.

Last year the hotel saved 202.8 tons of oil, 1.54 million kwh of electricity and 25558 tons of water, which equaled 915.27 tons of coal equivalent, and 2.07 million yuan.

The hotel has also made great improvements on emissions reduction, with discharges of carbon dioxide, smoke and dust all much lower than national standards.

In 2008 the company is focusing on the "Green Hotel Program". The Jin Jiang Hotel will continue to advocate energy-savings and environmental protection among all of its employees and guests. It is stepping up in-house training on environmental protection and adopting new energy conservation techniques. Building a better green hotel is a long-term process and one the Jin Jiang is working to integrate into its corporate culture.(2008-07-07  China Daily)

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