Beijing Blue Sky


This project is a part of a comprehensive survey on the regional atmospheric pollution in Beijing city, Hebei Province and Shanxi Province.

The short-term objective is to monitor the air quality in Beijing, in order to estimate and evaluate the impacts and effectiveness of the air pollution control measures especially conceived and implemented in view of the 2008 Olympic Games. The long-term objective is to analyze how the regional pollution affect the air quality in Beijing city.

Under the Italian grant, the Italian National Research Council (CNR), the Beijing Municipal Government and the Peking University jointly developed the project work plan.

The Institute for Air Pollution of Italian National Research Council provided advanced measuring instrument to analyze the polluted air and the relevant meteorological indexes: the passive samplers located on 24 sites in Beijing central area; the denuder to measure the nitric acid and nitrous acid in both gaseous status and particulate: the atmospheric stability to evaluate the atmospheric pollution indexes on the ground and their level of dispersion.

Two measurement campaign have been jointly carried on by researchers from CNR and Peking University in February and November 2007. At present data are under processing.

Project implementing agencies:
Institute for Air Pollution, Italian National Research Council (CNR –IIA);
Beijing Municipal Government;
Peking University

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