Dr. Corrado Clini Appointed Guest Professor of Tsinghua


Dr. Corrado Clini, Director General of the Department for Environmental Research and Development of the Italian Ministry for the Environment and Territory (IMET), was appointed Guest Professor of Tsinghua University on October 27.

Professor Chen Xi, Chairman of the University Council, attended the conferral ceremony and presented the honorary appointment book to Dr. Clini. Tsinghua Vice President Chen Jining addressed the audience, extended congratulations to Dr. Clini on behalf of the university. Mr. Shi Dinghuan, Counselor of the State Council, also attended the ceremony.

Dr. Corrado Clini got Ph.D. in Occupational Health at Padua University in 1975 and got another ph.D. in Hygiene and Public Health at Ancona University in 1986.

In 2004,Dr. Corrado Clini obtained the International Scientific and Technological Co-operation Award.  Dr. Corrado Clini has been devoted to the scientific and technological cooperation in China's environmental field for a long time and made significant contribution for the environmental protection in China.  

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