Green economy, robotization likely to create over 3 mln new jobs in 5 years for Italy: association


Development of the green economy and the rise of robotization will dramatically increase demand for doctors, engineers, and economists in Italy, a leading Italian commercial group said on Thursday.

Unioncamere, an association of the chambers of commerce, industry, crafts and agriculture from across Italy, said that as the workplace evolves over the next five years, "jobs will change but they will not disappear."

According to Unioncamere, the economy will generate between 3 and 3.2 million new jobs over the next five years, most of them in technical fields.

Unioncamere said that nearly two-thirds of the new jobs will be for new graduates -- good news for an economy that has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the European Union.

The association said jobs will be concentrated in a few key areas, including medical fields -- increasingly important as the average age in Italy climbs due to longer life expectancy and low birth rates -- as well as in administration, finance, marketing, and engineering.

Unioncamere said Italian schools and universities will have to "respond to challenges" of a changing marketplace in order to provide the economy with the workers needed for the new jobs.

The association also predicted new jobs in the green economy, as the supply chain for consumer products evolves to become more sustainable.(2019-11-28 Xinhua)

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