Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center


Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center participated in the project of Capability Building of Olympic Environmental Monitoring cooperated by Beijing Municipality and the Italian Ministry for the Environment and Territory.

Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center (hereinafter referred to as “Center”) was founded in 1974, it is the first professional environmental monitoring institution in China.

Its main tasks are to monitor the environment of Beijing and the emission of the pollution sources; to be in charge of making and organizing the implementation of the environmental monitoring programming and plans of the city; to collect, gather and manage the environmental monitoring data of the city, compile the reports on environmental quality and the discharging conditions of the pollution sources and provide technical support to the environmental management and decision making; to be in charge of the quality assurance of the environmental monitoring of the city, provide technical guidance to the monitoring stations in the districts and counties and Beijing Environmental Monitoring; to undertake the environmental protection acceptance monitoring of the completion of construction projects, the investigation of serious pollution accidents, the arbitration monitoring of pollution disputes and the monitoring of unexpected pollution accidents; to accept the entrustment of the customers to provide monitoring technical services to the society; and to carry out research in environment science and monitoring techniques.


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