Sino-Italian Ministries of Environment Develop Cooperation in the Field of Low-emission Intelligent Heating


Mr. Xie Zhenhua, the former Deputy Director of National Development and Reform Commission and the special representative of China’s climate change, and Mr. Zhuang Guotai, Vice Minister of Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment attended the signing ceremony of the cooperation between Chinese and Italian companies in the field of low-emission intelligent heating in Beijing on June 7th, 2018.

Since the “Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan” was issued, boilers, as an important source of air pollution, have been the object of reducing pollution emissions. In May 2015, Beijing issued the most stringent boiler emission standards, and many other provinces and cities, such as Tianjin, Hebei, Shaanxi,and Sichuan are adopting or planning to adopt low-emission standards for boilers.

As a developed industrialized country with deep technical accumulation in the field of environmental protection, Italy has leading technologies and solutions in areas such as district heating and air pollution control. And its intelligent heating system has proven experience in improving energy efficiency, reducing pollutant emissions, and improving livability.
The signing ceremony was held at the 16th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition (CIEPEC2018) Italian National Exhibition Hall. The Chinese company that signed the agreement is Beijing Zhonghuan Hechuang Environmental Protection Technology, which is an infrastructure service provider specializing in technology research and development, achievement transformation and market operation in the fields of environmental protection, district heating, new energy and so on. And it is a rising force in the field of district heating and environmental protection in China.

The Italian company that signed the agreement is Italy Bono Energia, which was founded in Milan in 1958. It specializes in the design, manufacture, installation and service of industrial boilers, waste heat boilers, boiler auxiliaries, hot fluid heaters and biomass boilers, and is one of the most important manufacturers in the field of steam boiler, hot water boiler and heat conduction oil boiler. Bono gas-fired boilers can achieve a 97.5% combustion efficiency under all operating conditions, and their emissions can meet the most stringent standards under any operating conditions.

The above signing ceremony was organized by Department for Sustainable Development, Environmental Damage, European and International Affairs of Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea(IMELS)and the Foreign Economic Cooperation Office (FECO)of Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment. Mr. La Camera, Director General of IMELS and Ms. Fang Li, Deputy Director of FECO attended the signing ceremony.It is reported that the Environment Ministries of both two countries have initially selected Xi’an as a pilot city for technical demonstration in the above-mentioned fields.(2018-06-11 PMO)

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