This is one of the cooperation projects between the Italian Ministry for the Environment and Territory (IMET) and Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

In January 2003, the Italian side and Chinese side signed the project agreement on the construction of the energy efficient building in Tsinghua University and decided to construct the Sino-Italian Ecological and Energy Efficient Building in Tsinghua University (SIEEB) with the total area of 20,000 M2 in Tsinghua University. The constructed SIEEB will a building adhering to the principle of sustainable development, embodying the idea of green balance, and combining such high and new technologies as green collocation, natural ventilation, natural lighting, low energy consumption surrounding structure, utilization of solar energy, utilization of reclaimed water, green construction materials and intelligent control, it will fully show the harmony and unification of the culture and construction and of the environment and technology.

The construction of the program is divided into two phases:
The first phase: January 2003 – November 2004, the project design phase
The second phase: December 2004– May 2006, the project construction period.

The constructed SIEEB will be able to reduce 1,200 Tons of CO2 and 5 Tons of SO2 emissions each year. It will become the center for teaching, experiments, research and Sino-Italian environmental technology exchanges, and will provide a model platform of the future Chinese eco-building construction in such aspects as building design and technologies, material choice, construction and operation management, environmental protection and energy efficiency.

Implementing Agencies
Milan Polytechnic
Italian MCA
FMi Favero & Milan Ingegneria S.r.l. (Engineering Design)
China Architecture Design & Research Group


SIEEB Solar Energy Efficient Building in Beijing

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