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The revisions to the website are the third one since it was established in 2001, with the common objectives of disseminating the achievements derived from the Sino-Italian Cooperation Program for Environmental Protection and increasing the understanding to the work under the guidance of the Program Management Beijing Office (PMO). The new website was developed by the Institute of Industrial Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) in collaboration with the PMO Beijing Office.

The website allows easier access to the operational information that is needed by the participants in the Program and other interested parties. Performed on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the Sino-Italian Cooperation Program for Environmental Protection, the new revised website will continuously contribute to improve the collaboration and communication among various Chinese and Italian business groups and enterprises by effectively using the created newsletters and the website, so as to create more business opportunities for both sides in the areas of technology transfer, investment and finance, and market developments in China.

The expanded website is distinctively featured with the 10 classification to the over 50 projects under the Sino-Italian Cooperation Program for Environmental Protection. The classifications to these projects are divided in compliance with the classifications to the field of sustainable development in China, which constitute a more logic website structure. Meanwhile, introductions to these projects are included on the website in accordance with their latest development, more than 20 items have been added to the website (reach a final total of over 50), with an equal number of addition or modification to the originals.

The amended website consist of the following features and columns:

* The new introduction titled“ Sharing the Best Practices with China” are placed on the homepage, which clearly reflects the program’s scope and development stage by stage.

* The new website map will guide you always.

*A new logo is designed for the website.

*More pictures and flashes to be shown for a vivid website.

* About Us: A window for you to know more about our website and how does it work.

*Press Center: Here you will find more than 500 news items covering both China and the World environmental concerns as sustainable development, eco-systems, energy-efficiency, pollution control etc. Our editors summarize and update the most compelling environmental on weekly basis, we build a bridge for you to know more about China and the world environmental status.

*Partnerships: Partnerships are divided into three types as government, scientific research institute and universities, enterprises in respect of the Italian, China and International. More concrete description to the partners of the program, and more easily accessible with the links to the website of these partners. You will learn more about how these organizations participate in our program through this part.

*Biz Opportunities: We welcome you register your business here. Allowing all the interested parties and individuals convenient access to publish their information in the environmental concerning areas of technology transfer, investment and finance, and market developments, Biz Opportunities aims to create a platform for both Italian and Chinese enterprises for further cooperation in search of the path for sustainable development.

*Newsletter: A Bilingual (Chinese-English) newsletter, will continue be published on a Monthly basis on the website, and to the targeted readers including Senior-level decision makers from government agencies, industrial enterprises, financial institutions, research institutes and related organizations from both domestic and overseas.

*Background: Here, Information will be provided on Environmental status of China, Policies and regulations, Beijing 2008 Olympic games. To learn more about the concrete environmental issues, the legal aspect in China, know more about how our program contributed to the Green Olympics, please click here.

If you are interesting in our program, Please Contact Us.

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