Doha talks deadlocked on funding


UN climate talks in Doha remain deadlocked, despite a European Union promise of more climate-change aid for developing countries.

The two-week meeting is due to end on Friday. But there’s widespread disagreement, even on modest goals such as extending an existing UN climate change plan into 2013. Earlier, several EU nations announced pledges totaling more than 6.8 billion euros for the next two years.

The money would go towards helping poorer countries cut greenhouse gas emissions, and adapt to flooding, heat waves, and drought and rising sea levels. Developing nations welcomed the promises, but demanded a collective commitment, from nations including the US, Australia and Japan. They’re calling for a doubling of aid to 20 billion US dollars a year for 2013 to 2015.

Finance remains a huge stumbling block at the talks, with many developed nations reluctant to set new aid targets in light of their own financial difficulties.(2012-12-07 CNTV.CN)

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