World Energy Council urges more support to developing countries for sustainability boost


The World Energy Council urged here on Saturday that more energy technologies should be transferred to developing countries to help them boost their energy sustainability.

The council said so on the sidelines of the UN climate talks underway in Doha, where representatives from over 190 countries are negotiating for future efforts to combat climate change.

"We call for sustainable provision of energy that meets our current needs without compromising the ability of our future generations to meet their needs," said Joan MacNaughton, an expert with the council.

The council announced top 10 winners in energy sustainability out of the 90 nations that have been assessed. Sweden is ranked first on the list, followed by Switzerland, Canada and Norway.

The 10 least successful countries in energy sustainability are all developing countries, according to the assessment. MacNaughton said diversified and low carbon energy can achieve better energy sustainability and rich countries are much ahead of the developing world in this field in terms of technology.

Mark Robson, a consultant with Oliver Wyman who participated in the council's energy sustainability program, said developing countries, including emerging market countries, should be provided with access to technologies to enhance their energy sustainability.

MacNaughton also pointed out that with the task of upgrading their economies, developing countries are using lots of energy and therefore should adopt a more sustainable energy approach.

She said cross-border and cross-regional cooperation is needed to build a more secure, environmental friendly and fairer energy system across the globe. (2012-12-02 Xinhua)

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